1. A conservative, a member of an ignorant christoholic impeding faction such as the Republican party, the Tea party.
2. Member of the Republican political party, a wing-nut; one who ignorantly opposes, impedes or delays political reform.
3. A person who is a Republican or Teabagger in principles, actions, habits, etc.
4. A supporter of Republican and Tea Party policies.
5. White-wing.

1. Low in intelligence, slow to comprehend, lacking reason or common sense.
2. Of, belonging to, or relating to the Republican party, the Tea party.
3. One whose principles, actions, habits, etc. are easily susceptible to manipulation.

stupid - dumb fuck - right-wing - teabagger - Republican - christoholic - religiholic - homophobe - misogynist - ignoroid

intelligent - clearheaded - left-wing - progressive - Democrate - atheist - sensible - sharp - thoughtful - responsible

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